The Secret to Success in a Tough Real Estate Market

Have you always wondered why there is a dominant agent in every neighbourhood of every city who has become almost like a celebrity? How did they manage to dominate that particular locale and attain so many listings? What is their secret to real estate success?
If there’s one thing that almost all successful real estate agents have done to grow their business in a certain demographic, it’s farming.
Farming is the quickest and most effective method in real estate to generate more leads. The concept is simple: Concentrating the bulk of your marketing efforts on a specific region will allow you to be seen as the expert of that area and gain the business of its residents.
Farming involves planting the seeds of your business, nurturing them through consistent and authentic marketing, and reaping the rewards through commissions.

1. Planting the Seeds

The first step to dominating a particular postal code is choosing the right one! Start by developing a business plan and researching neighborhoods that do not already have a dominant agent. Once you’ve chosen a lucrative area, get to know your audience by researching their average income and age, the types of homes in that area, and the residents that live there (empty nesters? young families? retirees?) Knowing the area and its residents will strengthen your business plan and prevent you from wasting time and money on precious marketing resources.

2. Nurturing the Farm

The key to farming success is to establish yourself as the go-to real estate professional in your area. There are many ways to make your presence known in a community, including attending local events, supporting community projects, direct mail, postcards, newsletters, and going door-to-door. These techniques, while effective, are still not enough to dominate a certain area in today’s real estate market. Consider leveraging your brand’s visibility by adopting the following methods:

Establish a Presence Online

Compared to other marketing methods, social media is an extremely cost-effective way to put your brand in front of thousands of people and reach potential clients you would never meet just by going door-to-door.

Provide Helpful and Authentic Content

The key to farming is to do it with regularity and in a genuine and authentic way. One of the biggest mistakes realtors make is bogging down client in-boxes and mailboxes with content that is solely self-promotional. The information you share with residents of your farm area should be helpful and highlight the community as well as your business.

Speak the Language of your Demographic

When marketing to a neighborhood ensure that you are speaking in the consumer’s language and targeting the specific demographics of that area. To be successful, realtors must be on the pulse of what is trendy and current in that community and be able to engage both online and in-person.

3. Reaping the Rewards

Farming takes patience, time, and consistent effort. Month after month you must strive to keep your name in the forefront of the minds of the residents in your area so that when they ARE ready to buy or sell their property, it’s your name they know to contact. Once you’ve established a presence in your area you will witness a massive return on your efforts as residents begin to contact YOU to list!
Farming can reap massive rewards, but knowing how to choose the proper postal code and marketing techniques involves guidance and mentor-ship. At Whitehill, you are not just a number of 300 agents, you are a person that is seen and validated. Our agency uses live one-on-one training, not webinars or books, to guide our realtors to success.
Under the right mentor-ship, clocking in 100,000 dollars in sales is possible! Whitehill Real Estate is a company of FARMERS and for the first time we are not only going to teach you how to FARM but also pay for your marketing in YOUR name!
It’s harvest time at Whitehill Real Estate!

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