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Shifting home from one place to a different can end up being a stressful task when worn out in an unorganized manner. Every relocation task is often worn out a well-manner by creating a moving checklist for household shifting. This may not just save time and energy but will prevent missing any crucial tasks. An excellent way to reduce stress is to develop a calendar that starts 8 weeks before your move. This calendar can serve as your “countdown” to moving day. It will help you do things in an orderly manner, which will also save time and money. Make your move an overwhelming experience!!!
Here is our handy checklist to help make your transition a smooth process.

8 Weeks Before Moving

Sort list -

Pay a visit to each room of your house and choose what you would like to require along and discard. Make a list of all the essential things you would like to take it and consider if any household stuffs need proper packing supplies.

De-clutter -

The next step is the purge your home by donating unwanted clothing, redundant furniture and other household goods (pans, dishes, bedding, pots) to the charities within the town.

Create a moving diary -

Keep everything in record like all estimated quotations, receipts, and records associated with you. Things to be kept handy on the last date like insurance documents, old newspapers, medical kit, dusters, torchlight, MasterCard, and instant snacks.

Hire packers and movers -

Begin your rummage around for reliable packers and movers in your city supported your budget and sort of move.
  • ✔ Shortlist a minimum of three movers and packers for your move.
  • ✔ Check their legal documents like registration and company certificates, etc. before finalizing the deal.
  • ✔ Have an interaction with the packers and movers to urge moving cost estimates.
  • ✔ Ask inquiries to them regarding the work experience, ownership of transport vehicles, estimation of moving charges, moving insurance just in case of intercity relocation, packing materials to be used, etc.
  • ✔ Finalize the date of moving.
  • ✔ Kindle ask a written invoice with proper breakup of the moving cost to avoid hidden charges.

6 Weeks Before Moving -

Gather packing & moving supplies -

Arrange boxes and packing materials like tape, bubble wrap, thermals, and permanent markers earlier, and order special containers for moving and wardrobe boxes & dish barrels.

Research packing hacks -

Get to grasp the simplest packing hacks to pack your items for safe transportation.

Book your travel reservations earlier -

Make bookings of your travelling tickets or hotels well earlier to avoid last-minute price hikes.

Communicate about your move to doctors -

Collect copies of you and your family health records from your current doctor. Fire recommendations permanently doctors within the new city.

Contact insurance agents -

Have a discussion along with your agents of both health and insurance regarding your decision of relocation. Talk over with them whether they provide services within the new location and acquire your documents transferred to the new address.

Manage home repairs (if on rent) -

In case some home repairs require to be addressed, then it’s necessary to try and do them because it can affect getting your down payment back from the owner.

5 Weeks Before Moving -

Remove car accessories -

When you are availing any transportation service of the packers and movers, remove everything from the vehicle like spare tyres, jacks, music systems, or the other accessories as they will go missing within the transit.

Take measurements -

Take the measurements of the new rooms and note their dimensions. Confirm large furniture get accommodated through the doors of the new house.

Labelling of packing boxes -

Clearly number and label each moving boxes and cartons with its contents. Put special marks on the boxes with fragile items and keep them separately.

Take equipment and tools separately -

Keep hardware items like the hammer, screwdriver, nails, pliers, etc. in a very separate bag for the disassembly and assembly of furniture on the moving day.

Book moving truck on rent -

Hire the simplest truck rental services weeks before your date of shifting within your budget.

Note down tax-deductible moving expenses -

Donations of home items made to charities and shifting expenses incurred for official transfers are subject to tax deductions.

4 Weeks Before Moving -

Address change -

Do not forget to get your new address updated at your local post office and also in your documents like voter ID, passport, employ id and other ID and address proofs.

Inform essential service providers -

Notify your bank, MasterCard companies, insurance providers, etc. about the change in address.

Get your vehicles serviced before -

In the case of local/domestic shifting, it is better to urge your cars/bikes serviced beforehand to avoid mid-way issues.

Start packing -

With moving and supplier at hand, at least a month before, is that the right time to start out your packing.

Keep essential documents at a safe place with you -

Keep documents like legal papers, ID proofs, passports, birth certificates, etc. at a secure place and do not forget to carry them with you on the day of the move.t.

Start consuming frozen foods -

Start consumption stuffs that you just do not want to maneuver on the relocation date like frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.

3 Weeks Before Moving -

Plan for pets –

If you have got a pet at home, you will be able to either take it together with you to the new home or just avail the pet relocation services from a recommended packers and movers.

Contact utility companies –

Inform your service providers to disconnect the services like the Wi-Fi, set-top boxes, gas connections, electricity connections, telephone connection, etc. just before the day of the move.

Update your memberships -

You are an active member of a gym or club? Then inform them about your move month beforehand. You will be able to either get your membership transferred to the new place or twig cancelled.

Dispose of hazardous items -

As flammable and unsafe items are not allowed within the moving truck, nor you’ll be able to take them with you in your car, it’s better to dispose of them.

Book trailer services -

If you would like to shift your car through packers and movers or a trailer service at the new location, then it is the correct time to book one for you.

Take moving insurance –

Avail this service to make sure the safety of your goods within the transit.

2 Weeks Before Moving -

Make final discussion with packers and movers -

Contact your packers and movers and ensure the date of moving with them.

Clear out deposit box -

Empty the safe deposit box within the bank and acquire them safely transferred to the safe deposit to either to your new bank altogether or the new branch of your current bank.

Decide setting of latest home -

To avoid last movement confusion regarding what should be kept where it is essential to come to a decision well earlier.

Order new furniture

In case you have got decided to beautify your new home with new furniture and other items, then it is the correct to create such purchases.

Paint the new home -

Appoint labour to colour the new home as you wish.

Appoint a babysitter -

Get a babysitter appointed just in case the dimensions of the move are kind of big, and you’re relocating domestically.

Send out invites for housewarming ceremony -

Two weeks before, is that the right time to ask your friends and family to the housewarming party in your new home as you would be delayed at that time.

Clean your home items -

It is better to scrub and wipe your furniture and other items earlier so that they will be able to be placed within the new home.

Get your rugs dry cleaned -

Leave your rugs and blankets with the dry cleaners. They are going to come properly bound up and might be opened within the new home.

Plan for plants -

As packers and movers do not undertake plant relocation services, you need to make arrangements for your plants. You’ll either take them together with you or find a brand-new home for them.

Take leaves for relocation -

If it is a within city relocation, then get your leaves sanctioned from your company earlier for your move.

1 Weeks Before Moving -

Complete your household packing -

Begin emptying your cabinets, wardrobes, etc. of all the things and keep them separately within the carton boxes. Keep your expensive clothes in suitcases.

Keep essential things handy -

Things like cash, face products, toothbrushes, and toothpastes, etc. must be kept handy.

Clear-out your gym locker -

Remove all the things from your gym locker before you progress to a special place

Pack kitchen items -

Box up kitchen items and label them appropriately.

Final trash removal arrangements -

Plan to get rid of the trash on the ultimate moving day.

Keep documents handy in your bag -

Get the bag within which you have got kept all the essential documents and keep it in your suitcase which you may carry with you.

Unplug electric appliances while taking photographs -

The electronic items which are not anymore in use are often disassembled and packed after clicking photographs for future use.

Get keys of new home -

Do not forget to ask for the keys from the owners or the builder of your new house.

Give away unconsumed food items -

If you have got any perishable items in your fridge or kitchen, it is better to donate them.

Clean & pack your carpets -

Get your carpets cleaned and adequately packed to avoid any dust on them.

Defrost refrigerator & clean -

While moving home, clean and defrost refrigerator an evening before relocating home.

Take extra care of plants & pets -

Take care of potted plants and pets while moving them. They are extremely sensitive to a new climate condition and the new place. Do not forget to water your plants generous before shifting them.

Checklist For Moving Day

Moving Day Checklist for OLD HOME -

  • Welcome your packers and movers
  • Keep your money ready- for the packaging of items done by the packers and movers
  • House temple must be removed with washed hands
  • Take supervision of loading of items
  • Keep jewelry items safe in your handbag
  • Get water bottles
  • Cross-check the inventory sheet of packers and movers
  • Take a final walk in the old home
  • Meet your neighbours

Moving Day Checklist for NEW HOME -

  • Give packers and movers a round of the new home
  • Check missing or damaged items
  • Make payment of the packers and movers charges
  • Signing of inventory sheet
  • Clean the new home
  • Place the temple in your new home
  • Assemble the furniture
  • Begin unpacking

Checklist For Move-in Day

If you arrive before the movers, take it slow to tidy your home (dusting shelves, etc.). Therefore, the movers can unpack items directly onto clean shelves. Unpack your car. Decide to be present when the van comes. Be ready to pay the mover before unloading the items.
Perform an initial inspection, note all damages, and take photographs if needed. Verify utilities are turned on and dealing – especially power, water, heating, and cooling. Once all items are unloaded from the transportation medium, unpack only what you would like for the primary day or two. Concentrate on creating a way of home for your family. Give yourself a minimum of fortnight to unpack and organize your belongings.
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