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Your search for your dream home ends with us. Whatever may be your goal in buying real estate, our job is to help you achieve it with ease and in the most seamless way possible. With our years of experience, professional services, and our undying and tireless passion for finding your dream house for you have made us Best Real Estate Agent in Mississauga. You can be assured that we will get the job done and that too, in the most definite way!

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We Have the Answers for All of Your Buying Related Concerns.
  • Is it the right time to own a house?
  • How much can I afford to invest?
  • What are my leverage options?
  • How do I start searching for properties?
  • How do I know if I have found the right property?
  • Is the neighbourhood suitable?
  • Am I paying the right price for the house?
  • How do I strike a bargain deal?
Every home buyer sets out on their quest with the exact same questions in their minds. With our experience and expertise in the real estate business in the Greater Toronto Area, we will make sure that you can get satisfactory responses to your questions and find your dream home in this process.

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So, what exactly do we do for our clients? Our process is simple, straightforward and works every single time and for every single client. Here is how we work –

1. Preparing for Your Real Estate Journey with Our Experts!

After initial introductions are out of the way, we refer you to our old clients, whom we helped buy a property in the region. We ensure that their profile is as similar to yours to make sure that your conversation is of relevance to you. We do strongly believe that our customer testimonials are more than enough to garner a mandate from you. We believe that commitment is paramount, and this goes both ways. That is why we require a mandate, which gives us the right to represent you to potential sellers. This is a strong show of commitment and adds credibility to the process.

We give you all possible information regarding the current investment climate, home sellers mood and everything else you need to know to kick start your real estate investment process. We believe that the introductory meeting forms the cornerstone of your real estate experience as we get to learn everything about you – your personality and preferences. This is critical for us to help you find the right place for you.

2. Scouting for A Property -

Scouting for your dream property can be manually demanding on you. It is going to be challenging to sit across and scout various listings, validate them and find out which ones are suitable. So instead, we take care of this for you. We just need input from your side on what you are looking for. Do you need a house for your family? Is it an investment option? Are you looking for rental income? Are you looking for a home in a school district? Are you looking for a home close to your workplace? Once we have all we need, we start scouting the area and find suitable properties and then shortlist these properties for you to review.

3. Finding the Right Property -

Next up, we help organize a walkthrough of the shortlisted properties. We can also help you with all the information you need about the neighbourhood that you are looking at. We make sure that you need not spend any time on researching a listing or a neighbourhood. As you start searching for homes, don’t just give some thought to the kind of home you wish—also give some thought to your lifestyle and the way close you want to measure near amenities like schools, highways, medical services, shopping, restaurants and recreation. We also help our clients in organizing a home inspection with one of our in-house members. A home inspection is critical, as, during this process, one can determine the quality of construction and flaws/defects, which can be potentially hazardous and end up costing you heavily to repair. All these findings can be factored in when determining price and during negotiations.

4. Finance -

While you may come prepared with your finance options, often, home buyers find that they have grossly over or underestimated their financial positions. We help you determine how much to put down as a down payment depending on the climate of the mortgage industry. Apart from this, we help you secure a mortgage that is suitable to your needs. More often than not, buyers just take the first mortgage deal that comes their way. We help them with a slew of options so that they chose the right product and taking into consideration the terms and conditions.
Most importantly, we help our clients getting pre-approval on their loan options. A lot of realtors may not suggest this to you in a hurry to complete the negotiations. Still, we make sure that this step is taken by you as it represents financial safety and builds confidence in sellers, who know that they are dealing with a serious candidate. We help you put down the right kinds of paperwork and guide you to help get you pre-approved and increase your credit line as much as possible.

5. Organize Your papers & Documentation –

There are three things a lender will look at before providing you with a mortgage: your current assets (what you own), your income, and your current level of debt.
During the appliance process, here are some items that your mortgage lender may ask from you_-
  • Government-issued photo identification like (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Proof of income and employment id like (pay stubs, T4s, taxation returns, bank statements, etc.)
  • Proof of a payment and where it’ll come from (e.g. bank account, RRSP, the sale of another property, gift, etc.). If a loved one is contributing towards your payment, you may also need a signed letter from them acknowledging the aim of the gift and confirming that it is non-repayable.
  • Information about the other assets.
  • Information about your debts (e.g. MasterCard balances, car loans or leases, lines of credit, student loans) or financial obligations (e.g. spousal/child support) Having these documents handy may be a house-hunting hack – it’ll ultimately prevent you from scrambling to urge your act together at the minute.

6. Valuation -

The biggest worry that most home buyers have is if they are paying the right amount for a property or not. Most often, buyers feel that they are overpaying for a house and have a dilemma if the valuation is accurate. We can help you with this, as our broker of experts can arrange for a proper appraisal of the property price. We take into consideration several factors like current investment climate, demand, square footage, home improvements, amenities, neighbourhood and age of the property. Our valuation represents a fair market price that represents a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.

7. Contracts and Negotiation -

It is at this stage that you will want to really consider working with an agent. This is often not mandatory—buyers can manage their own sale—but it’s advised, especially for first-time buyers. Our agents have expert information on every step of the method, which may help relieve stress, and that they also are a part of a knowledgeable network of inspectors, insurance agents, then forth who may become a part of your broker.

Our experience in dealing with thousands of customers in the region helps you provide an edge during negotiations. We help you secure the best possible deal with favourable terms and conditions. Negotiations are not limited to just price but also getting minor/major adjustments or modifications to the property before it is sold. Our in-house broker of experts also help you with reviewing contracts, be it about a mortgage, lease or homeowner agreement. Also, we can help you arrange for legal assistance and an attorney that specializes in real estate to help you get a professional opinion on housing contracts.

8. Final Words -

Buying a primary home is a frightening experience for anyone. Long before the fun part—the actual rummage around for your dream home—you must work out your finances, identify and exploit saving opportunities, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and hire your land agent, lawyer, and other professionals. It would seem overwhelming, except for many millennials, it is worthwhile to become a house owner. If that is you, our broker will help you get one step closer to having the keys to your new home in hand. So. contact us to get started on your real estate investment journey. The Property of Your Dreams is Waiting for You! Good luck!




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