These 5 restaurants are so good that they are driving up the home value in Mississauga!

The home value in Mississauga is through the roof! While there are many reasons for this family-friendly city to feature on the real estate dream list, the huge variety of great dining options is bound to be one of them.


A wonderful meal at a remarkable restaurant can be an extraordinary experience. However, what makes a restaurant great? What is it about it that excites us enough to tell everyone we know that they must eat there? With new places popping up every day, it can be difficult to decide which dining options are worth our time and hard-earned money.


In order to make it easier for you, we catalogued our picks in this culinary hotspot. Here’s a list of our top 5 favourite restaurants, featuring different global cuisines.


Our recommendations are based on a heady mixture of spectacular food, impeccable service and our overall experience.


17 Steakhouse and Bar (Steakhouse)

5165 Dixie Road, Mississauga


The atmosphere here is electric with its expansive 32,000 sq ft space done up in the Vegas style. From the gorgeous oversized freshwater aquarium filled with lots of colourful fish to the numerous enormous chandeliers that cover the ceiling – There is grandeur wherever you look. One of the most impressive features is their hydraulic mechanism equipped tables tackling the age-old problem of “wobbling”.


The menu includes a number of U.S., Ontario and Alberta prime cuts of beef, including the tenderloin, strip loin, prime T-bone, porterhouse and tomahawk.


You will also find Japanese A5 wagyu as well as American flat iron wagyu. Other options include oysters, ahi tuna, seared scallops, tempura shrimp, fish options, salads, duck confit, bison tenderloin, risotto, chicken, braised back ribs, charcuterie board, calamari and a seafood tower.


The preparations are delightful and the service passionate but not intrusive. In all, we felt that this was the very embodiment of a fine dining experience, especially for meat and fish lovers.


Maharaja (Indian)

4646 Heritage Hills Blvd #3, Mississauga

When you think of India, the image that flashes first in front of your eyes is very often of regal splendour, vibrant colours and enticing flavours.


Maharaja takes this brief and effortlessly brings it together in a bright, contemporary setting. It takes you on a culinary journey interspersed with Central Asian inspiration by way of the choice of ingredients and flavours.


Its handcrafted onyx bar, grand chandeliers and velvet seating is a nod to the forgotten opulence of the age of “Indian Princes”. The place is a visual journey through three magnificent Indian palaces. The menu showcases unique flavours of Awadhi cuisine, classic Hyderabadi cuisine, Punjabi cuisine and Rajputana cuisine. The menu is extensive and caters to all palates. We loved the overall experience with its hint of nostalgia.


Michael’s Back Door (Italian & Continental)

1715 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga


Since opening its door in 1981, this Clarkson’s stately yet intimate dining destination has built itself a loyal following.


The mix of edgy and earthy, the modern twist to the handmade pasta and rustic regional recipes distinguish the food at this great Italian restaurant.


If lavish ingredients, modern techniques and artistic plating have slowly built its reputation, then the kitchen’s thoughtfulness and generosity have complemented and enhanced it further. The servers are pleasant and knowledgeable; always a terrific combination!


We tasted here one of the best risottos that we have ever had and would definitely be making a reservation again really soon.


Aristotle’s (Seafood)

6905 Millcreek Dr, Mississauga

Though Aristotle’s serves steaks as well as seafood, it finds itself on this list solely on the strength of its seafood platters.


It radiates an old-school fine dining charm with dim lighting, waiters decked out in formal B&W uniforms and Greek-inspired decor.


Its fresh, no-frills seafood is a pure delight. A must have on the menu is Aristotles’ Platter for Two. This includes lobster tail, shrimp scampi, filet mignon, scallops, crab legs, long grain rice, broccoli and carrots. Our only suggestion is to go hungry before dining there.


Door FiftyFive (Bar)

55 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga

Our list of recommendations would be incomplete without our favourite bar.


Inside Door FiftyFive, surrounded by reclaimed wood, an old world charm engulfs you. The place looks like (and promotes) the pre-Internet era with people putting their phones away (well, mostly).


They have affable bartenders mixing straightforward drinks and cunning cocktails. The food menu is limited but offers bar food with interesting takes on southern classics. All the meat is smoked with SmokinLicious’ cheery wood and sugar maple syrup chips that “give a nice sweetness to the meat”. Plus, there’s great music!


After this lip-smacking list, we can certainly confirm one of the many reasons for rising home value in Mississauga. The all-around presence of such delectable dining options!

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