Targeted Marketing for Your Specific Home


Your home is special – you know that, but how do you convey it to all the potential buyers out there.

Easy! You List with us! At Whitehill Team, we know exactly how to polish up the best features of your Home and present them effectively to buyers.


How does targeted marketing work?

–          Our agents visit and evaluate the house before the Listing. When it is first listed with us, we make a note of all the features and specifications of the property.

–          Our experienced agents then compare these with other listings or just sold homes in the area. These statistics along with their local know-how allows them to recognize which feature of your home is most likely to attract buyers


–          We then shortlist a set of standout features such as the neighbourhood, size of the house or additional features such as a swimming pool or a large backyard

–          We create marketing campaigns showcasing the shortlisted features

A detailed and well-planned marketing strategy is just the first step, next comes the execution!

For comprehensive Marketing, we offer the following Services

Digital marketing

–          Paid Search and Display Advertisement

–          Paid and Organic social media

–          Classified Sites

–          Email Campaigns

Offline Marketing

–          Newspapers

–          Magazines

–          Flyers

–          Brochures


–          Door Hangers

–          For sale signs


–          Professional Web Design and Development

–          Professional Videography and Photography

–          24×7 Call centre support

–          Staging and Interior Decoration

–          Home Evaluation and consulting

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