FREE Home Preparation & Staging


It is no longer enough to List with a realtor and stick a FOR SALE sign on your lawn. In this era of well-researched and smart buyers, to sell your homefast, you need to make your property listing stand out and SHINE!

You need to make your house seem like the buyer’s dream home! For this you need the art of staging to create a space that reflects a lifestyle that people WANT to have.

They should be able to see themselves living in your house.

What exactly is Home Staging?

While you might love your bright curtains and eclectic art collection, the house will have lots of different people looking at it, and they might not have the same taste.

Staging makes your home attractive to all sorts of buyers. It highlights the best features, fixes small eyesores and makes your house seem brighter, bigger and more beautiful

The goal – to make the buyer want to move in right away!

We at Whitehill Team have an ENTIRE team of Staging Professionals who do just this!

We offer all our clients

–          Interior decoration services

–          Home evaluation services

–          Customized staging designs

–          Professional videography and photography

–          Access to our entire range of furniture and furnishings

We have sold over 2000 homes in the GTA! And in every single sale, Staging has helped Sell homes fast and for MORE.


Our Staging Mantras

  1. Clean outdoors & bold Indoors
  2. Neatly arranged furniture with plenty of room to walk around
  3. Bring in the light and declutter to make your rooms spacious & bright
  4. Keep the colours neutral
  5. Add greenery for a fresh look
  6. Project positive energy and soul

 A recent survey found out that professionally staged home spent 80% less time on the market than those that were not staged!

So, what are you waiting for! Call us now to restyle your home and get a top dollar price.