Decided to Sell Your House? Here’s a Checklist to Get you Started.

Phew! The big decision – to sell your house or not – is finally behind you. Weeks (maybe even more!) spent checking financials and weighing all the pros and cons have culminated in the final decision – THE HOUSE IS TO BE SOLD.

If you think that was draining, then think again. We don’t want to freak you out, but selling your house is a process – to say the least – and you are at step 0. It’s best to tackle it head on and be super organized right from the beginning.

To help you start off with a bang, we have created this handy checklist of things that must be considered when you decide to sell your house.


1. Decide Timelines
Like everything else, real estate industry also has an offseason and a peak season. While you might be on your own deadline, it makes sense to keep the local industry trends in mind and to be prepared well in advance.
In Mississauga (like the rest of the Greater Toronto Region), the best time to sell your house is from February to May. The winter cold puts off many buyers and with spring the real estate market, in step with nature, blossoms too.
Now you might wonder, why February is considered Spring! Well, in the real estate world everything starts a tad early. You should be ready to sell your house right after the Super Bowl.

2. Picking a Realtor

To sell your house is a very big deal and while you can go FSOB (For Sale by Owner), an experienced real estate agent is guaranteed to get you a better deal and save you tons of hassle and legwork. Well worth the commission they charge!
So, the next step is to choose an experienced and reputable realtor. You can start by checking online reviews and ask friends and family in the area to create a shortlist and then spend some time meeting them before you decide to sign up with one.
Some things you need to keep in mind
– Decide whether it makes sense to get a pre-inspection done.

– Prepare a checklist of all paperwork and start work on getting it all in order.

– Decide whether you need any home improvements organized and fix a budget for the same.

3. Deciding on a Price

To sell your house fast pricing is the most crucial factor and needs to be carefully considered. While you obviously want to get the best deal possible, overpricing can discourage buyers. It’s a delicate balance that needs lots of thought and the expertise of a real estate agent.
To decide how much your house is worth and what you want to ask for it, you can start with getting it evaluated. You can also get your agent to run a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) but, finally, you must be realistic!

4. Preparing your House

Remember that list of Home improvement ideas? Well, now is the time to start working on some of those. You need to dispassionately look at your house through the eyes of an outsider and make some serious changes (it helps to get friends and family to give suggestions).
Some of the things that are guaranteed to make a difference are
– Declutter – Yes it might seem obvious, but we are so used to our stuff that we don’t even notice it piling up. You also might consider removing any objects that are too personal – this could be your family photos or your favourite painting.
– Repainting – If your home has bright walls or interesting wallpaper, it might be a good idea to repaint it in neutral colours.
– Fix small eyesores – coverup those small cracks and scuff marks and fix the leaking taps and loose handles. It might be a small thing but for a buyer, a few of these can all add up to show a neglected home.
– Get some greenery – this always works! Adding some plants and flowers really brighten ups the house and they can be placed strategically to cover up small cosmetic issues.
– Deep clean – Everything should be spotless – especially the kitchen and the bathrooms.
– Don’t forget the outside – Spruce up or repaint the entrance – remember, first impressions count – and keep your garden neat.
Finally, a good realtor has Staging techniques that can add actual dollar value to your home. Make use of it!

5. Get ready for showings

Sure, you want to sell your house fast, but it’s never fun to have people trooping in and out. But the fastest way to sell your house is to make sure that a maximum number of people see it! So, you need to make your home available for these showings and ensure that It looks clean and bright when possible buyers come visiting.

6. Dealing with offers and negotiating

Now that you have a serious offer, its time to get down to start negotiating in earnest. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though, which is why an experienced agent really comes in handy at this point. They do this for a living after all and know all the tricks in the book.
This could be a complex and long process – so be patient and stick with your pre-decided negotiating strategy.

7. Get ready to close

The offer has been negotiated and agreed upon, the purchase and sale agreement has been duly signed and the buyer has got his financials in order. The end is in sight!
All you have to do until the closing date is pack your stuff, make any agreed upon repairs, maintain the house and sit tight.
But keep in mind, it’s not over till everything is signed on closing day. Problems can crop up and sometimes even the best of deals fall through. You must make sure that all documentation from your end is complete and clear and that you are honouring all the details of the deal.

8. Moving out Smoothly
Packed and ready to go? Selling your home and moving out is a surreal affair. On one hand, there is the elation of closing the deal and on the sadness of leaving behind the place where you made good memories. But nothing quite matches the excitement of starting something new and exploring something different!
Just like the rest of the process of selling your house, make sure you take this last step in an organized manner.
Leave the place clean for the next owner and organize a small package with all the codes, manuals, important information and a small welcome-home gift!
If you are thinking of selling your house FAST then, do give us a call. We have done this a thousand times and promise to make it a quick and easy affair.


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